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Health and Wellness Solutions

Staying Well Now

Health and Wellness Solutions


What if your body could tell you why it was sick?

No guesswork, no referrals to specialists, no expensive and uncomfortable diagnostic tests—just the body’s own awareness instructing you what it needs in order to be restored to wellness.

The truth is, it can—the human body has an innate, or inborn, intelligence. It knows what’s wrong. All your body needs in order to share this valuable information is the means to communicate it.

Health and Wellness Solutions’ founder, Ed Mikrut, has devoted years to learning and understanding the language spoken by the body. Using highly sophisticated equipment and specialized training, he can discern what your body is eager to reveal.

To contact Ed, call 615 593-1855615 593-1855 or send an e-mail to info@stayingwellnow.com


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